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Buffalo, Rochester, and Western and Central New York Wide-Area Two-way Radio Coverage

MOTOTRBO Connect Plus System

MOTOTRBO Connect Plus is the choice to accommodate wide-area, high-volume communication needs. Your work teams can not only talk to one another or the main facility, they can also use data applications to make their jobs more efficient and safe, including text messaging, location tracking, and traditional dispatch or one-to-one calling capability. With enhanced communication between employees, you’ll see increased productivity and efficiency across your enterprise organization.

Multiple tower sites are accommodated to meet your application. 10 Saia tower sites are currently on line with MOTOTRBO Connect Plus with expansion plans in progress. The present sites include:

  • Site 001: HSBC Building, Buffalo, NY
  • Site 002: Attica, NY
  • Site 003: Perrysburg, NY
  • Site 004: Elmwood Tower, Buffalo, NY
  • Site 007: Olean, NY
  • Site 006: Bristol, NY (Ontario County)
  • Site 008: Niagara Falls, NY
  • Site 010: Lancaster, NY
  • Site 011: Arcade, NY
  • Site 012 Little Valley
  • Site 014: Jamestown, NY
  • Site 015: Olcott, NY
  • Site 016: Xerox Building, Rochester, NY
  • Site 017: Colden, NY
  • Site 019: Wellsville, NY
  • Site 020 Niagara University
  • Site 021: Angelica, NY
  • Site 022 Fredonia
  • Site 023 University at Buffalo
  • Site 024: Franklinville, NY
  • Site 025 Syracuse
  • Site 026 Grand Island

Saia has recently added WAVE PTX to its Connect+ system and is now available to users on the connect+ system. WAVE allows interconnection to any smartphone from Saia’s Connect Plus (SaiaNet) system.

An added benefit Saia offers is self-maintenance of our sites and ownership of 90% of the towers we utilize. These tower sites include extensive grounding, backup electric service and self-maintained web based GPS in-house IT engineering and web server service. This results in the highest degree of communications network availability and reliability.

Also, upcoming in the 3rd quarter will be WAVE (Motorola TRBO Anywhere) a smart phone interface that connects any “Smartphone” to your radio channel. When completed, you will be able to communicate from your smartphone to your fleet of radios as though you have an actual radio in your hand.

Additional features of MOTOTRBO Connect Plus include:

High system availability with a dedicated control slot to quickly access voice and data communication during busy times.

Automatic channel access as calls are queued during busy times until an open channel is available and you are automatically notified that you can complete your call.

Fast access for those who need it most as you can assign most important users in a priority status to have fast access when the system is in a high demand.

No need to change channels as you travel from site to site, dynamic site roaming automatically registers you to the nearest site so you stay connected.

High security with digital encryption available

Digital Radio System Sole Source Provider

Saia Communications is the only 2-way radio dealer in Western New York providing Motorola’s Connect Plus digital trunking radio services as a sole source provider in the areas of:

  • Erie County
  • Niagara County
  • Cattaraugus County
  • Wyoming County
  • Monroe County
  • Genesee County
  • Livingston County
  • Orleans County

Download Sole Source Letter

SaiaNet, Western New York Two-way Radio System

SaiaNet trunked radio system is the first wide area trunking network in Western New York. Using Saia’s network of 22 tower sites from Rochester to Buffalo to the Pennsylvania State border, the network provides seamless automatic roaming for 2-way radio dispatch and communications.

Features of SaiaNet:

  • Wide area coverage.
  • GPS/AVL Fleet Tracking via any workstation connected to the Internet.
  • Access to multiple tower sites within your operational region.
  • Seamless, automatic roaming without radio operator intervention to switch tower sites as vehicles roam between towers.
  • Unlimited channels or talk-groups per fleet.*
  • Homed radios can scan between talk-groups.
  • ESN (Electronic Serial Number) registering of each radio reduces theft and others monitoring of your communications system.
  • Radios get programmed over the air automatically as sites are added to the system. This eliminates the need to take a radio out of service for updates.
  • P-T-T ID (Push-to-talk identification) standard with all radios. All radios in your fleet will know who is speaking. This will eliminating unnecessary chit-chat and horse play on your radio system.
  • Lost or stolen radios can easily be disabled by a simple phone call to our office.
  • Emergency “All-Call” broadcasts to all talk-groups or channels within your fleet. This enables dispatchers to get an urgent message out to all radios instantly across your fleet regardless of what tower they are using.
  • Temporary or permanent cross-band connections can be accommodated to suit your need.
  • Different conventional & trunking protocols can be patched into the system for outside subcontractors to communicate with radio units within the wide area network.


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